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VersaPRO Spray



4 Treatments/mo




/mo. Cancel anytime.

/mo. Cancel anytime.

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choose from light, medium or dark

clear or bronze initial application

sunless color lasts about 7 days
(extend your color with the moisturizer add-on)

What is the difference between the VersaPRO and the Custom Airbrush? 

Answer: Both Spray tans use the highest grade spray tanning solution on the market. The main difference is that since the Custom Airbrush is done by a trained technician, they can spray different parts of the body with varying amounts of solution, making them darker. For example, many clients may have naturally fairer skin on their legs and require more spray in those areas than they would on their upper body or in places that have been sun exposed and already have a tan.

 Is there only one shade of color I can choose from?

Answer: On both the Custom Airbrush and the VersaPRO you can choose the shade that you desire. There is no additional charge for a darker shade.  We want you to get exactly the tan you want.

Will the spray turn me orange?

Answer: No, definitely not.  At Perfect Tan we offer the highest quality solutions on the market always using "violet-based" ingredients.  Since violet cancels out orange tones, your tan will look perfectly bronzed and never orange.

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