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VersaPRO Spray



4 Treatments/mo




/mo. Cancel anytimeafter 2 month min.

/mo. Cancel anytimeafter 2 month min.

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choose from light, medium or dark

clear or bronze initial application

sunless color lasts about 7 days
(extend your color with the moisturizer add-on)

What is the difference between the VersaPRO and the Custom Airbrush? 

Answer: Both Spray tans use the highest grade spray tanning solution on the market. The main difference is that since the Custom Airbrush is done by a technician. With older sunless booths, there was a clear advantage to using a technician if your tan required customization. But with the VersaSpa Pro, we can offer you similar customization in an automated session!

 Is there only one shade of color I can choose from?

Answer: On both the Custom Airbrush and the VersaPRO you can choose the shade that you desire. There is no additional charge for a darker shade.  We want you to get exactly the tan you want.

Will the spray turn me orange?

Answer: No, definitely not.  At Perfect Tan we offer the highest quality solutions on the market always using "violet-based" ingredients.  Since violet cancels out orange tones, your tan will look perfectly bronzed and never orange.

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