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Red Light Therapy
InfraRed Sauna
VersaPro Sunless Spray
Hybrid (Sun + Red Light) 
Cold Plunge + Salt Room *BRAND NEW*


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The paradigm for health is changing. Gone are the days of reaching for a pill for one’s ailments. People want real health. Salt & Light Wellness is the world's first FULL SPECTRUM light therapy studio chain. Light exposure is critical for human health, longevity, and vitality. Salt & Light is here to elevate your health. 


Red Light


Salt & Light was one of the first companies to offer red light therapy in California, starting in 2008. Since then red light has gained mainstream appeal for it's incredible effects on cellular repair and overall skin health. 

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Cutting edge SUNbed tech

Sunshine is the all-too-often forgotten nutrient that we so critically need. The concept and science behind sunbed technology has changed dramatically over the years. Drop in for customized dose of sunshine that can have powerfully positive effects on your overall health.


InfraRed Sauna

InfraRed Saunas are the latest and greatest itterations of the classic sauna. The effects of heat are life-changing but InfraRed Saunas go far beyond just the typical benefits of heat. Far, mid, and near infrared light penetrates various depths of the body to stimulate positive effects at every layer. 

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